Brain Plus IQ

It is the food supplement that increases the brain power. It makes you to focus more on the work and improves your performance. It expands the storage capacity. It improves the memory loss. It increases the cognitive function for some time. Most of such products are very expensive.After taking the supplements, the brain absorbs information faster. The brand claims that these supplements provide your brain all the essential nutrients. These supplements strengthen your brain and stop the effects of aging.


The people of age more than 30 should use these supplements because they feel a boost in both long and short term memory. The people from 40 to 65 will also feel the same change. It provides you quick energy and you remain focused and alert all the day.brain plus iq side effects


Increases the concentration and focus,increases storage capacity of the brain, less mental fatigue, increases oxygenation of the brain,reduces depression, calms nervous system, prevents dementia or Alzheimer’s disease at old age, keeps you in a good mood, provides instant energy to brain, influences human brain positively, maintain healthy nerve cells, reduces risk of cardiovascular diseases, increases blood flow to brain.



The Company says that these supplements are hundred percent natural like all other supplement companies. And these are gone through the clinical trial and researches but they never mention any link. The Company is very much secretive about the ingredients of thesupplements.Phosphatidylserine is the main ingredient that actually improves the memory and learning ability.

Purchase of Brain Plus IQ

You can order this product only through their official website. The website does not offer the membership programs. You can only have three packages.
5 months’ supply – $34.95/pack
3 months’ supply – $45.95/pack
1 month supply – $ 64.95/pack
The prices are really affordable. They also give you 30 days money back guarantee. The prices become less as the quantity increases.The company offers you free shipment. However, the facility is not available for the American resident.


The less information provided on the website about the supplements makes this product very much suspicious. However the people how has used this product says that it is very effective and did not cause any side effect.



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